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Thousands Turn up to Celebrate Primorsko Reunification


Top Slovenian officials attended the event, which was organised by the Izola municipality and the local association of WWII veterans.

The keynote speaker, Janez Stanovnik, honorary president of the veterans' association, outlined the history of Slovenians' struggle to live together in a single country.

The firebrand, known for stirring controversy, also pointed to the important role of Communist partisan fighters.

He noted that allies had acknowledged the contribution of the partisans in the fight against Nazism and fascism by inviting Slovenian veterans to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Normandy.

He said the most memorable event was when a French and a German veteran hugged, which was made possible by "Germany accepting the values and principles of the allies, which are our values as well."

Stanovnik is best known as the partisan counter-party in debates about post-war killings in Slovenia, in which tens of thousands of anti-communist fighters, mostly allies of the German occupying forces, perished.

The veterans' association had made a point of stressing on D-day celebrations that it was invited to the ceremony, not the advocates of anti-communist fighters.

In Slovenia celebrations of historical events are often platforms for speeches and acts that perpetuate bitter political divisions stemming from WWII and even earlier in Slovenia's history.


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