The Slovenia Times

Candidate for Infrastructure Minister With Highly Incompetent Statements



While Gašperšič claims that transport corridors have already bypassed Slovenia and are running through Italy and Austria, the map of European corridors co-financed by the EU still includes two crossing Slovenia and both involving the the port city of Koper.

What is more, transshipment levels in the only Slovenian commercial port still surpass by far that recorded in Italy's Trieste and Venice, Primorske novice says, wondering why indeed the Koper port has just deepened its sea bed and is planning an additional EUR 240m in investments.

Statements like this by future ministers are also heard elsewhere in Europe and the world and lead to withdrawals in the long-term from a country that continues to use rails from the period of the 18th century empress Maria Theresa and diesel locomotives that do not even develop 20 km/h in certain sections.

Thus, the paper says in "Gašperšič on Diesel", Gašperšič's words may prove prophetic in that the transport corridors really bypass Slovenia in the end and not only via Italy but also via the Balkans. A country with such myopic governments is really beyond help.


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