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Wake up Call for New Govt: All Ministries Facing a Shortage of Funds



Only Public Administration Minister Boris Koprivnikar addressed reporters at the end of the meeting late last night, explaining that all government departments were facing difficulties, pressing matters and the need for extra funds, but that solutions would have to be found within the given framework.

A strategy was presented by Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor. "The main position is that spending by departments would be adjusted by comparison with average expenditures in other comparable countries," Koprivnikar said as he came out of the meeting.

The question of a potential supplementary budget was not on the agenda, but Cerar had in the past days indicated that a decision on that front was a priority aside from a draft budget for 2015 and other pressing challenges, including talks with the public sector.

The purpose of the meeting last night was to get briefed on open issues and strategic goals at each ministry, Koprivnikar said.

The government is expected to hold its regular session on Thursday.


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