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The Artifex: "We believe that Slovenia is too small for our creativity which sometimes we hardly control."



An exceptional performance on the TV show was followed by the Champions League title in hip hop at the National and European Championships and finally at the World Championship. This year the group received an invitation to participate in the world's biggest dance show in Las Vegas.

1. You focused on the genre of hip hop, where you had your success in the European and World Championships. How is hip hop positioned in Slovenia?

"Hip hop is the most popular dance in Slovenia with this genre the most represented at all levels in the dance competitions of the Dance Association of Slovenia. Slovenian dancers who compete in this category are classified at the top of the hip hop dance scene. Hip hop as a dance consists of many styles (popping, locking, house, wacking, etc ...) and then it depends which one a  choreographer will choose; some are closer to 'old school' steps, other to newer hip hop styles."

2. Where were your victories and with what kind of dance ?

"Our reputation extends beyond the borders, which is where we have focused all our energy and thoughts. Dance is the most beautiful thing a man does and we enjoy it. In the two years our dance school has been operating, we have become European and World Champions in two categories: hip hop small group and hip hop royal discipline formations. Competitions under the auspices of the International Dance Association are held mostly in Europe, however our excellent results are posted on YouTube which has brought us the visibility that has opened up opportunities for us in the United States. This year, we received an invitation to the biggest dance festival in the world, Las Vegas. Our goal is to ensure regular performances at professional dance competitions."

3. Have you been recognised in Slovenia for your international success and promotion and if so, how?

"Dance in Slovenia has very poor recognition by the broader public and any financial rewards from the country's Olympic Committee or sponsors is still a dream. The Dance Association Slovenia is slowly trying to penetrate sport, where sportsmen mainly make a living from their own results. I believe that better times are ahead, however is up to us to accelerate this process."

4. You have your own dance school and some of your dancers have already achieved good international results. What types of dance do you teach and who do you invite to participate?

"Tadej Premk, Aleš Trdin, Žiga Mlakar, Žan Jeršin, Miha Furlan, Jan Marolt and Tilen Jeras are the names that convey hip hop among the people, also in the context of the dance school created two years ago. Our dancers learn to enjoy music and dance. The choreography looks much better if you put yourself into it and dance with the emotion of the music. Our dance school enters dancers from sixteen through to fifty years. Our choreographers are regularly trained in the best "classes", so called dance camps. They mainly take place in Europe, but sometimes choreographers also travel to Los Angeles where they participate with the dance stars who dance for the world's greatest musicians."

5. In your dance school you interestingly introduced "hip hop for moms." How has this discipline been adopted?

"The category 'Members 2', 31 years, is a new age category in the modern dance competition. Hip hop as music is not among the most popular musical genres of this generation, but the courses have been very well accepted. Our strategy is to enjoy the dance and escape from the worries also in this age category and in addition to this, we are very proud as our hip hop moms are listed in the European Championship already after their first year of training."

6. You are also recognisable as a dance host on many different occasions. Which dance stories have you already performed? 

"Our performances are known by the choreography which we adapt to the theme of the event. After the dance scene breakthrough we have appeared in many different guises at many occasions such the opening of the European Championship Eurobasket 2013, the 50th of Aerodrome Ljubljana, Golden Drum 2013 and Days of Slovenian Railways 2014 etc. Our professionalism and flexibility for a single event is our greatest asset as well as our attitude toward the work with all of our partners, whether they are large companies or individuals who come to us with a variety of questions, proposals and issues. " 


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