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Climate Change Seen as Opportunity for Business


Since the energy sector accounts for almost 80% of carbon emissions, government measures have focused on improving energy efficiency and expansion of renewables, according to Mojca Cendramin of the Infrastructure Ministry.

But improvement of energy efficiency is an opportunity to kick-start growth: each million invested in improving buildings' energy footprint directly and indirectly supports 24 jobs and each euro of public spending two euros of fiscal revenue.

This year subsidies for such investments are projected to top EUR 181m, which equals 4,400 jobs, according to her. Moreover, to meet the renewables targets Slovenia will have to speed up construction of wind, solar and hydro plants.

But the changes, which according to Mojca Dolinar of the Environment Agency will result in more extreme weather, in particular heatwaves and severe flooding, will also require other adjustments.

Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, a climatologist at the Biotechnical Faculty, said this would require a shift in planning, better water management, and the strengthening of relief systems.


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