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Universities Open Doors to Some 20,000 Freshers



This year, 11,947 students were admitted to university by the first deadline and 3,478 by the second, while there is no data on the third deadline yet.

The universities in Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Nova Gorica, and other public and private higher education institutes have 20,871 openings for the 2014/2015 academic year.

Compared to the previous academic year, higher education institutes will accept 695 fewer students. But they will offer some new academic courses, including in English.

However, university budgets will be cut somewhat compared to 2013, but the universities seem confident they will make it through the year albeit with some additional austerity measures.

The University of Ljubljana will have 1.44% fewer funds available, while Maribor University budget will be 1.1% lower.

This comes after a row over budget education funds, which was settled at the end of August.

In June the government decided to relocate EUR 80m from the Education, Science and Sport Ministry budget to the budgetary reserves, but climbed down on its decision after protest, returning EUR 70m to the ministry.

At the end of last month, the ministry reallocated EUR 6m to the universities to enable them to cover their costs.

Under the legislation, students have the right to health security and subsidised meals and transportation.

They can also work under different, softer conditions than other citizens and apply for various scholarships.

They enjoy other benefits as well, such a free access to libraries at their faculties and cheaper tickets for theatres, museums, cinemas and sports centres.

Average monthly costs of studying in Slovenia per student amounted to some EUR 600 in 2013, according to unofficial results of a survey by the Education Ministry. Since 2010, the costs rose by more than EUR 100.

Meanwhile, a student costs the state EUR 3,000 a year on average.


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