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Interchangeable Drugs Bring EUR 24.6M in Savings in a Year


The prices of the five groups of interchangeable pharmaceuticals have decreased by 33% on average, ZZZS head Samo Fakin told the press on Thursday.

The savings related to interchangeable pharmaceuticals and an additional EUR 10m in sick leave savings means that the ZZZS will be able to settle all its obligations to health care providers and will have no trouble paying out wages, Fakin added.

No changes in the consumption have been observed for a majority of pharmaceuticals following the introduction of the cost-cutting measure, while no significant changes in the number of consumers have been observed either.

The institute introduced on Monday a new group of interchangeable pharmaceuticals for migraine attacks. Savings expected to be brought by this measure this year have been estimated at EUR 336,000, according to Jurij Fürst of the ZZZS.


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