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Govt Facing Tough Budget Debate


While the 2014 budget originally envisaged a deficit below EUR 1bn, the target was reached before the end of August. Plans for the next year are even more restrictive, as the threshold has been set at EUR 860m.

New Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor is not excluding the possibility of supplementing this year's budget, but he first wants to make a through assessment of the situation of public finances, which he announced as his first priority as minister.

Changes for the next year's budget are meanwhile more likely, as Slovenia as well as all other eurozone members are expected, in line with the new budget supervision rules, to send draft budget documents to Brussels by 15 October.

The 2015 budget sets expenditure at slightly less than EUR 9.5bn, while the expected revenue stands at EUR 8.6bn. An optimistic scenario based on the upbeat economic forecasts from both domestic and foreign institutions is that the revenue could be even higher than expected.

The latest macroeconomic projections with reference to the projects planned for next year are also expected to be a topic of the meeting in Brdo pri Kranju, as well as a debate on the state of public finances and measures to improve it.


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