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EU Mission to Review Progress in Reforms


The mission led by Hungary's Istvan Szekely is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Finance Ministry; Justice Ministry; Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities; Health Ministry; and Economy Ministry as well as Banka Slovenije and the government's economic think-tank IMAD through Friday.

The scheduled visit by the fact-finding mission is part of review of Slovenia's measures for dealing with macroeconomic imbalances under an EU framework for reviewing fiscal and reform measures in member states, called the European Semester.

Slovenia is undergoing macroeconomic imbalance proceedings due to its excessive budget deficit (which it has pledged to bring below 3% of GDP by next year) and crisis in the banking sector.

Ahead of the visit, Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor said that Slovenia is committed to pushing ahead with reforms and measures to stabilise public finances.

One of the main tasks for the government at the outset of its term will be to draft a tweaked budget for next year, after it established that leaving the spending plan unchanged from that adopted by the previous government in late 2013 would lead to a ballooning of the deficit.

While Mramor has said that the supplementary budget aimed at achieving the promised deficit targets is expected to be ready by January, Slovenia will have to forward its spending plan for next year to the European Commission already today.

The minister said the documents which will be provided to the Commission will reflect the government's plans for the supplementary budget.


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