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Fuel Cheaper Despite Excise Hike


Regular unleaded will cost EUR 1.428 a litre as of Tuesday, down 1.9 cents on the current price. Diesel will meanwhile be 1.4 cents cheaper at 1.345 a litre.

Premium unleaded fuel will cost EUR 1.453 a litre, which is 1.3 cents less than at the moment.

The fall in prices comes in line with the official petrol pricing model which is based on fuel prices on global markets and the value of the US dollar.

Fuel prices on global markets have fallen of late due to a decline in the price of crude oil.

In addition to the purchase price of fuel, an important component of the fortnightly adjustment in retail fuel prices in Slovenia is also excise duties, which are set by the government.

The government stepped in on Monday to prevent an even bigger fall in prices by raising the excise on unleaded fuel to EUR 0.55339 per litre from EUR 0.52163 and on diesel to EUR 0.14237 from EUR 0.11939.


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