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Thanks to Blue BIZ , small and medium companies can fly for free


BlueBiz enrolment is free and easy. In addition, Flying Blue members continue to earn Flying Blue Miles at the same time.

How does BlueBiz work?

Every time a company traveller books a business trip with Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines or their partner airlines, the company earns Blue Credits. Thanks to the combined global network of the 3 airlines and convenient flight schedules, there are plenty of earning opportunities for companies. Blue Credits are like cash - 1 Blue Credit = 1 Euro. The company can use them to purchase any type of ticket, including upgrades, with Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines, no matter the fare or destination.

Earning Blue Credits

Travellers of the company can continue to book flights however they please - via their travel agent or directly online at They just have to remember to quote their BlueBiz number for each reservation. As soon as their company has accumulated enough Blue Credits for a free ticket, they can use the easy-to-use online booking tool to make a reservation 24 hours a day.

The program adds efficiency to business travel in other ways also. For example, business travellers can benefit from the innovative Corporate Recognition system of Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines, whereby the traveller is recognised through all the contact points of the 3 airlines ensuring a smooth, hassle-free journey - even in the event of delays or cancellations.

The Blue Credits the company earns for each flight depends on the destination and class of travel. One Blue Credit is worth one unit of your local currency. Thus, the more the employees of the companies fly, the more free flights the company will earn.

Converting Blue Credits into flight tickets

Blue Credits remain valid throughout the year in which they are acquired, and the following two years. For example, Blue Credits earned in February 2014 remain valid until 31 December 2016.

At any time, the company can convert their Blue Credits into award tickets or upgrades. These awards are non-denominative: the company is free to use them for any employee. Keeping track of Blue Credits is easy. Blue-Biz members can go online to review their company's balance and check how close they are to a free ticket.

• 5 round-trips Slovenia - New York in Premium Economy = 400 Blue Credits
• 10 round-trip Slovenia - Paris in Business = 600 Blue Credits earned.

1000 Blue Credits would thus be credited to your company's BlueBiz account. Your company would then have access to one or several award tickets for a total of EUR 1,000. If you choose a round trip Slovenia-New York in Economy at a fare of €780 (tax included), you will use 780 Blue Credits. The 220 unused Blue Credits will remain in your account to be used for your next award ticket.

More information is available on the Air France website:


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