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Erzetič winemaking - a story about people and a story about wine


The story of the Erzetič family began back in 1725 when the homestead was built by the first landowner, Martin and ever since the Erzetič homestead has also been called "at Martin's". Years after that, Anton Erzetič handed the farm to his son, Aleksij, who willingly cultivates it today, together with his family. Strong will and diligence have carried the Erzetič family to this day - to high quality wine with which they proudly represent themselves both at home and abroad.

The Erzetičs combine traditional grape production and wine making with modern knowledge and technology, producing excellent varietal wine. Today their wine palette is composed of young wines and wines maturing in amphora and barrique barrels.

At the onset of the new millennium they started bottling wines, aged in barrique barrels, into special amphora shaped bottles which were specially designed for them by the renowned designer, Tanja Pak. It was this very bottle that inspired a new line of wines - the amphora wines. In moving to a new cellar in 2007, this inspiration was transformed into reality. The new, bigger winery amphorae, delivered from Georgia, were buried into the ground by a special technique. These are of various sizes, from 300 to 2,500 litres. An amphora, one of the oldest containers, is made from baked clay and has been used in Georgia for over 5,000 years. By maturing wine in amphora, the Erzetičs seek the source, the essence, which stands for the top quality and technique used many years ago. The amphora wines can only be made from good vintages and from carefully selected grapes. Only after longer maturing they enter the market and are suitable for ageing. These wines are intended for gastronomic delights and moments when one takes time for wine. They are completed by outstanding minerality and a taste of fullness.

The new cellar has enabled the winegrower from Višjenik to be able to offer many varieties and types of wine to wine enthusiasts. It comprises several cellar spaces. The amphorae are housed in the "barrique cellar" and the "inox cellar". In barrique barrels both white and red wines mature. The barrels are of various sizes and are also distinguished by manufacturers - originating from Slovenia, Croatia and France. Wines are nurtured in amphorae and later mature in the barrique barrels for up to 24 months. The more complex wines include: Cabernet Sauvignon Amphora, Pinot gris Amphora, Red Amphora and White Amphora. The inox cellar prides itself on modern technology and an improved cooling and ventilation system. Young and vigourous wines, defined by playful green labels, mature in inox containers. The palette of wines include: Pinot gris, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rebula and Don, a type of red wine. The offer of such wines is further complemented by a pink coated bottle of rosé - Damski rosé (Ladies' rosé).

Goriška Brda is the home of Rebula and Višnjevik, from where the Erzetič family originates, is known as the birth place of this vintage wine. Rebula is the oldest homegrown type, mentioned in historical sources as early as the 13th Century. This great wine is formed by freshness and minerality, as well as the aura and harmony of gentle scents. The oldest member of this noble family is Rebula Nero, also known as "Pokalica". It has long been extinct in Goriška Brda, but the Erzetičs decided to bring it back to life and reintroduce it to the market. With experience and good judgement, the Erzetičs will enrich their wine palette with a new type, the only ones in Goriška Brda who can pride themselves upon it. The dimension given by this wine cannot be expressed through exact words. However, this wine will most definitively awaken interesting feelings and pamper your senses in a unique way.

Rebula Nero was planted in the new vineyard, "Veliki vrh" (The Great Peak), in 2012. With this new vineyard, the farm was expanded by 16,000 vines of various sorts, most of which are, of course, Rebula and Rebula Nero. This vineyard has also been the reason for yet another crucial decision. Wanting something different and friendlier, ecologically more attentive, the decision was made for ecological production. With this decision, the Erzetičs slogan "A story about people and a story about wine" can also be supplemented with a story about nature because year after year, nature offers its charm and variety to grapes from which high quality wines are made by the Erzetičs from Višjenik.

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