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Acquisition of Helios Sets a Standard for M&A Transactions


The 2014 Dealmaker's Awards Ceremony honored the leading deal teams and firms whose activities set the standard for M&A transactions in the UK and Europe. The nominations, representing over 160 award finalist companies, were judged by an independent jury of industry experts.

"Since 2002, The M&A Advisor has been honoring the leading M&A transac┬Čtions, restructurings, deal financings, companies and dealmakers in the USA. This year, we have launched our first inaugural Dealmakers Awards to recognize the achievements of the UK and European firms and dealmakers. Acquisition of Helios was chosen from over 160 Award finalist companies to receive the award. It gives us a great pleasure to recognize the acquisition of Helios by Ring and bestow upon them our highest honor for M&A firms and dealmakers," said David Fergusson, Co-CEO and President, The M&A Advisor. "Acquisition of Helios represents the best of the UK and European M&A industry in 2014 and earned these honors by standing out in a group of very impressive candidates."

Gerald Martens, CEO of Ring International Holding said: "This is a great honor and recognition for us. Since the last two years we have invested enormous time, money and energy to close this transaction. We all shouldn't forget under which economic and political pressure Slovenia was just last year. Very few parties were willing to invest, many investors left the market. This is also a strong answer to all those who have been trying to denigrate the sales process. In the future, we hope the environment in Slovenia better distinguishes between good and bad practices and recognizes and acknowledges constructive efforts and professional work."


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