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Police Union Threatens With Revolt


Committee chair Lilijana Kozlovič of the ruling Miro Cerar Party (SMC) said she broke off the session to give the police and the government a chance to debate the issue in ongoing public sector pay negotiations.

The police trade union and the opposition are indignant. Unionist Zoran Petrovič underlined that the austerity measures planned by the government did not treat all public sector employees equally.

He added that he will inform the top bodies of his trade union about what happened at the committee session and that it will be easy to "motivate police officers to show what a breakdown of the security system looks like".

Petrovič said that he will propose drastic measures. "These [measures] will affect the government, which has declared war on us and we are accepting it."

"We will not get into conflict with the citizens but with the government and politicians who are making fun of police officers," said the unionist.

Franc Trček of the United Left (ZL), the party that requested the session to be held, said that the coalition and the SMC did not care about safety of citizens.

The ZL requested that committee discuss the issue because they believe that the situation of public sector employees would worsen in 2015, especially that of police force members.

The head of Alenka Bratušek Alliance (ZaAB) deputy group Jani Möderndorfer added that there was no need to suspend the committee session, as its conclusions could not affect the ongoing pay negotiations.

Moreover, Democrats (SDS) MP and former Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak underlined that the police had already paid their share in the price of austerity


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