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Slovenia Pays Tribute to Fall of Berlin Wall


The fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago signalled the beginning of Germany's reunification and at the same time the end of iron division of the European continent, ravaged by war, a release issued by the ministry on the occasion reads.

"It is a reminder of the unacceptability of divisions among people, many of which lost their lives. It also reminds us that we must continuously aspire to end wars, resolve conflicts and disputes and to overcome crises in Europe and the world," the ministry stated.

Noting that many walls across the world still cause injustice and are obstacle to freedom, the ministry called for continued efforts "for all those who are forced to live behind the walls of repression and who long for freedom and progress like people in East Germany longed for reunification with their families and friends".

The ministry also noted that democratic change in Slovenia was part of the democratisation in Central and East Europe that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"The events at the time led to Slovenia's independence and affected its European path in the future. On that path Slovenia established itself as a credible member of the international community and of the European family of nations," the press release reads.


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