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Slovenia Blames EU Commission of Passiveness in Response to Russia Embargo



"We have no information that positive steps are being taken, while the industry is reporting great problems on the market." The commission is only discussing promotion, the minister said.

"All the Commission does is inform us of problems," said Židan, who expects it to look into any possible measures to mitigate the embargo, including export incentives, aid in penetrating new markets and new forms of storage.

The embargo is causing great damage in agriculture, especially in the dairy and meat sectors, Židan said.

Slovenia's dairy industry is feeling the embargo only indirectly, as prices continue to drop, the minister said, adding that the prices would soon drop below production cost.

The meat producers are also facing problems, especially due to a drop in pork prices. It is tough for European farmers to observe pork prices in other parts of the world, for example in Brazil, which has apparently become a back-up supplier for Russia, Židan added.

He is however optimistic that Slovenia would soon boost its exports to China, as a 100-strong Chinese delegation is scheduled to visit the country at the end of the month.

Židan was moreover critical of the former European Commission team, which decided in mid-October to transfer EUR 448m in agriculture funds to other fields. Agriculture ministers objected against this decision today and demanded that the move be reverted, said Židan.


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