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Laibach Starting Mini Slovenia Tour


Through the end of the year the band will play Maribor, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Celje and Lendava presenting their latest album Spectre as well as old favourites and selected covers.

Laibach dubbed the tour "Let's Make This Country Relaxed Again!", a reference to the 1941 speech by Adolf Hitler in Maribor and the utterance "Make this country German again" that dovetails with Laibach's toying with totalitarian symbols.

The band will perform in theatres arguing that they have "grown out of club performances" and are not entertainers.

But in yet another ironic move that has become a signature of the group's whirlwind philosophy, their Ljubljana performance is scheduled for Kurzschluss, a ritzy pop-up club.

The band, formed in 1980 in Trbovlje, have played over 40 concerts so far this year promoting their new album. Next year they are planning a tour of the Americas.


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