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SDS Announces Alternative Govt Programme


SDS leader Janez Janša, who was granted release from prison for the duration of the meeting after the Constitutional Court temporarily reinstated his MP status on Friday, told the press that the SDS would present an expert council as soon as the 100 days grace period passes for the new government.

The council will draw up an alternative programme for taking the country out of the crisis, announced Janša.

"We are also offering help to the government, which has failed to constitute itself even though so many weeks have already passed."

Janša rejected reports that opposition is growing in his party, saying that this was part of a virtual reality constructed by the media and telling reporters to instead focus on helping PM Miro Cerar find an economy minister.

The alleged urgency of today's meeting was also downplayed by other senior party members, who argued the party was not preoccupied with Janša and that the session was a regular consultation meeting.

Janša confirmed that criticism had been voiced today about too much of the SDS's attention being focused on his situation, which he labelled a false dilemma that was easily dismissed with the question of who is actually forcing the SDS into this.

The Patria bribery scandal and the current situation was not created by the SDS but "by the one who is trying to rule from the background", while the SDS is only defending itself.

Asked about speculation concerning a potential new centre-right party, Janša said that in Slovenia parties are springing up like mushrooms after the rain and that this cannot be excluded, but that what will emerge may either be a noble or a poisonous mushroom.


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