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Slovenia to Introduce Tax Registers in 2015


The legislation introducing the tax registers will be adopted in the first three months of next year, whwreupon the tax registers will be gradually introduced, said Židan, adding that the project would be presented in detail in January.

Tax registers will be mandatory for businesses, the only exception being individuals who issue only two or three receipts a year.

Slovenia already has in place rules prohibiting the use of accounting software which allows erasing the issued receipts retroactively, Židan pointed out at the press conference.

The software is however not directly linked to the IT system of the national revenue service, a feature that will be the main benefit of the planned tax registers.

The Financial Administration (FURS) will however not store the data, as is the case in some other countries, said Židan.

The direct link to FURS will allow the revenue service to "actively process the data", said the minister of agriculture, food and forestry, who is heading a special government task force on grey economy.

The cabinet also decided to change the companies act so as to prevent entrepreneurs from incorporating a series of shell companies to avoid paying salaries, taxes and other liabilities. The changes are to step into force next year.

"Currently, individuals can open dozens, even hundreds of companies by simply investing EUR 7,500, cash that gets passed on to the next company they open; this severe violation of the system allows them to avoid paying salaries and liabilities," explained Židan.

The changes, which are to undergo public debate in January and expected to be passed by parliament in the first half of 2015, would prevent entrepreneurs who have already been found in violation of the law by FURS from opening new companies.

The changes would also introduce automatic deletion of shell companies from the registry of companies, the minister added.


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