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This Year Warmest on Record


In addition to the record-high average temperatures, 2014 was also the wettest in 77 years, according to the country's meteorological service.

The agency said that data from neighbouring countries and subsequent extrapolation suggests that this was the warmest year since at least the late 18th century.

While the summer temperatures were around long-term averages, the biggest deviations came in the winter months of January, February and March and then in September, October and all the way until mid-November.

After a brief colder spell, unseasonably warm weather returned last week and day-time temperatures have hovered around double digits since.

"October and December, but most of all November, have been much warmer than the long-term averages. The warmest period compared to the average was in mid-October and from 4 to 17 November," the Environment Agency said in a statement.

While saying that temperature shifts are natural, it said that global warming has also impacted on the temperatures, as demonstrated by the fact that all the heat records have been set in the past 21 years.

"Given the warming trend, it is highly likely that a new record for the warmest year will be set in the coming decade or two."


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