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PM Cerar Joined Millions at Anti-Terror Rally in Paris


Cerar stressed upon arriving Slovenia's solidarity with France and expressed support in joint efforts against violence.

"We support the freedom of expression and thought, this is why we here and to show that we will strive for this constantly," Cerar said.

He said that violence must not be attributed to any religion or other ideologies. Authentic religions are not something that calls for or stands in defence of violence actions, Cerar added.

Erjavec meanwhile wrote in a press release that one must not forget that such attacks happen around the world and that the international community needs to be united in its condemnation of terrorism.

"No country is entirely immune to such threats, this is why such a reaction is needed to them," the minster wrote.

He feels the reaction cannot be only repressive, as the international community also "needs to address the circumstances that can lead to radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism".

Erjavec moreover stressed the importance of basic human rights and liberties along with strengthened security.


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