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Govt to Debate Budget, Asset Management, Loans in Francs


A debate on the effects of the rising Swiss franc on Slovenian borrowers is also on the agenda.

No final decisions about the strategy are expected as PM Miro Cerar received the draft from Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor only yesterday. Cerar said that a broad public debate would be held after the document is discussed by the government.

Regarding the objections against privatisation voiced within the coalition, he noted that the National Assembly had made it clear in two debates that Slovenia must preserve its credibility and meet its obligations.

A final decision on the 2015 supplementary budget is not expected either, as negotiations with budget users, including local authorities, have not been concluded.

A cap on expenditure has been set at EUR 9.85bn, while the expected budget revenue is set at EUR 8.5bn. The budget deficit, which is set at EUR 859m in the current budget, will thus increase to EUR 1.35bn.

The government will also discuss the hike in the value of the Swiss franc following the decision of the Central Bank of Switzerland to lift the cap on the currency. The focus will be on the struggles of people in repaying loans denominated in francs.


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