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Slovenia launches Expo website


Ljubljana, 1 October - A year to the day before the start of the Expo in Dubai, Slovenia launched its Expo website at, the investment agency SPIRIT said on Thursday.

The website will feature regular activity updates and opportunities available to Slovenian companies before, during and after the Expo.

Slovenia will be showcased at the world fair as a sustainable, modern and creative forward-looking country.

"We're happy that the world will get together again at this event and start creating new business and personal connections," said Ajda Cuderman, a state secretary at the Economy Ministry.

"If 2020 was the year the world stood nearly still, 2021 must be the year of exceptional and broad acceleration toward the much-needed global goals," she added.

Today also marks the start of online events with which the Expo wants to give participating countries the opportunity to launch their presentations.

Slovenia intends to take part in the pre-Expo online events by incorporating topics key for the promotion of its economy.


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