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New Student Work Provisions Step into Force


The changes come long after this popular flexible labour arrangement with its low taxation and denying of pension rights was recognised as a serious anomaly on the job market.

The main novelty for students, free of any contributions so far, will be an obligatory 15.15% pension contribution, which will count towards their years of pensionable service.

In exchange for the increased burden they are also getting the so far non-existing guarantee of a minimum hourly rate, set at of EUR 4.5 gross or EUR 3.8 net.

The total levies on student work on the employers' side are being increased from the present 30.38% to 33.74%.

Translated into concrete figures for say students who earned EUR 100 for a service so far, this means the employer paying EUR 133.74 as opposed to EUR 130.38, and the student getting 15.5% less or EUR 84.5.

Student job agencies, whose commission remains unchanged at 3.8%, will continue to organise student work.

Employers in particular have not been happy with the changes, their main complaint being that the minimum hourly rate of EUR 4.5 is set too high, given that the present average rate is EUR 4.3.

The government on the other hand described the changes as preserving student work as an important corrective social mechanism providing income for those who would not be able to afford to study otherwise.

It stressed that student work will remain one of the cheapest forms of labour on the market.


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