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Snow Storm Not Strong as Forecasted, Winds Up to 150 km/h


The Maritime Administration said that Slovenia's sole sea port will be closed as long as weather conditions require this.

According to forecasts, the strong bora is expected to persist overnight and to around midday on Friday. Gusts of the northern katabatic wind are expected to exceed 150 km/h during this period.

Meanwhile, snowfall is expected to pick up Friday, with precipitation expected to peak during the day.

However, meteorologists from the Environment Agency have slightly downgraded their forecasts for the amount of snow that is expected to fall until Saturday, with up to 40 cm forecast in the south and south east and up to 30 cm elsewhere, down from 80 cm and 50 cm, respectively.

The combination of snow and wind is expected to cause blizzards, which could affect driving conditions.

The winter storm has put the country on alert, with dozens of schools around the country announcing they will be shut on Friday.

The national motorway company, DARS, has closed off access to trucks arriving from neighbouring countries due to the weather conditions.

Commuters have meanwhile been urged to use public transportation.

The national postal service, PoŇ°ta Slovenije, announced it would limit its delivery services on Friday depending on weather conditions. Mail deliveries in affected parts will resume once the weather improves.


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