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Slovenia, France Want EU Commission Package Implemented Soon


While a speedy implementation of the Commission's investment package is a priority for France, Slovenia proposed that the package include development banks in individual member states, such as Slovenia's SID bank, the ministers said.

The pair exchanged views on topical issues in the EU, Mramor told the press after the meeting, adding that they shared similar views on a number of issues.

Slovenia and France have both been hit hard in the crisis, Sapin said, adding that the countries must continue to carry out reforms. France wishes to save up EUR 50bn in the next three years, according to Sapin.

The ministers also have similar positions as regards Greece. "We wish that Greece remain in the euro zone because all other options are bad, especially for Greece," said Sapin.

"At the same time, we want the Greek government to honour its obligations toward other European nations while also honouring the wishes of its people," the French minister added.

The finance ministers also talked about the fight against tax fraud. Mramor said that France was successful in this field and thanked Sapin's ministry for sharing with the Slovenian ministry information on the procedure with which the French can report their accounts abroad to the government.

The ministers moreover want to strengthen bilateral relations although they believe relations are good. France is a very important partner to Slovenia; trade amounts to some EUR 2bn and France is the fifth biggest investor in Slovenia, according to Mramor.

Touching on the issues the French-owned Lafarge Cement faces in Slovenia in failing to acquire an environmental permit, Sapin said that this was an issue of Slovenian law and the Slovenia was a sovereign nation. Mramor meanwhile said that Slovenia was "working on it".


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