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Justice Minister Under Pressure to Resign



No formal meeting has been announced but Cerar said he would confront Klemenčič when he comes back from a trip abroad.

Klemenčič, meanwhile, said Saturday he did not plan on heeding the SDS's call to step down, since he acted in good faith in authoring the controversial report.

The meeting comes after the Supreme Court repealed a report about the assets of SDS leader Janez Janša that triggered the downfall of his government in 2013.

While the report is technically void, it was repealed on procedural grounds and the court did not rule on the substance, which is already the subject of a criminal investigation.

Cerar noted last week that the court decision was "multi-faceted", for it repealed the report while not touching on its substance.

Nevertheless, the development requires reflection given that it had caused "significant political shifts," Cerar said.

Regardless of the outcome of the Cerar-Klemenčič talks, the SDS hinted it might opt for a parliamentary motion to oust the minister.


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