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Sovereign Holding, Bad Bank Staffing Decisions Expected


It is expected to debate a set of measures on BAMC, the country's bad bank, including the replacement of non-executive directors and reform of pay packages.

Media reports suggest non-executive directors Mitja Mavko, Carl-Johan Lindgren and Arne Berggren will be replaced by former corporate executives Stojan Petrič, Marko Simoneti and Primož Karpe.

As for SSH, which manages state capital assets in over 100 companies and plays the key role in privatisation, the government is expected to pick new supervisors.

A non-partisan staffing commission shortlisted five candidates among 47 applicants.

Media reports suggest the government will not necessarily endorse all five, which is within its mandate. The candidates must be endorsed in parliament.

The government will also get acquainted with the long-awaited asset management strategy, which will determine the course of privatisation.

It is unclear whether the document will be confirmed or merely debated.


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