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President Honours Choir Carmina Slovenica


The conductor Karmina Šilec believes this is a recognition for all generations who have helped build what the choir is today.

Šilec said they were honoured that the work of Carmina Slovenica had been recognised and awarded in this way.

In the 50 years since its founding, Carmina Slovenica received many international awards and two Prešeren Fund Prizes, but this is the first award connecting "all the generations who have helped build this organisation from the Youth Choir Maribor to the vocal theatre group of Carmina Slovenica", she said.

Carmina Slovenica has become one of the most recognisable Slovenian exports, and its conductor Karmina Šilec an internationally acclaimed conductor, President Pahor said as he decorated the choir at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace.

The ensemble has been developing new forms of expression for over a decade, combining vocal and instrumental music with drama, movement and visual effects. Its programme ranges from popular vocal-instrumental music to symphonic and world music, avant-garde and minimalism.

The ensemble, which currently consists of some 40 girls aged between 12 and 21, is holding concerts in the most elite concert halls in the world. Recently, they have performed at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, impressing the critics and reaffirming their status of top-notch performers.

Šilec has been the choir's conductor for the last 25 years.


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