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Koper Port Not to Be Privatised, PM Says


"I'm sure we'll define the company in the strategy [on the management of state-owned companies] as strategic," Cerar said at a ceremony honouring entrepreneurs and businesses from the Primorsko region.

"It is in the country's interest to develop and strengthen the port and keep it attractive for those who want to use it as gateway for Slovenia and Central Europe, as well as other parts of the continent."

"This must be done with a lot of caution, with a smart strategy and this takes time," he added.

Building better transport links to the port would improve environment protection and provide opportunities for the construction of new logistics centres, the PM also said.

Cerar, who took over as prime minister last year, has so far been reserved in his comments over the issue, although potential changes to Luka Koper and its ownership have been on the table for years.

In a recent questions time in parliament Cerar denied media reports that full privatisation of the port operator was being mulled, but he hinted a partial privatisation was possible.

There was also a proposal to sell the port operator in order to secure funds for the construction of a second rail track between the port and the inland rail hub in Divača. The idea was heavily criticised by port employees.

Cerar also voiced criticism of this proposal yesterday. "Those scaring the trade unions and people with such ideas and hypotheses are spiteful and have some other agenda."


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