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Defence Minister Explaining Telekom "Privatisation Analysis"


Veber claims he did nothing illegal and was only trying to make sure Slovenia was prepared for the consequences of the sale because its defence and disaster relief communication systems rely heavily on Telekom's infrastructure.

The minister declassified on Friday a report on the matter, but MP Matej Tonin of the opposition New Slovenia (NSi) claims that this document is not problematic at all and that Veber is actually trying to hide an analysis he ordered later and for which there was no written report.

Veber has admitted that he had indeed ordered two analyses. Both came to the same conclusions and he saw no need to have a second report drafted for the government, he told the STA.

While the Social Democrats (SD), of which Veber is a member, stand united behind the minister, other parties would like to get additional explanations and the NSi has even announced an ouster motion.

The eyes are now on PM Cerar, who was in Brussels when Tonin demanded Veber's resignation last week. Cerar announced that he would have read a report drafted by Veber on the issue by today and make a relevant decision only after talking to the defence minister.

The parliamentary Defence Committee will also hold a closed session today to discuss the issue.


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