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Media: Maze and Prevc Winners Despite Finishing Second


Slovenian have never such a drama, and it was a double drama, with Prevc narrowly missing on the World Cup title at home in Planica and Maze losing to her fierce rival Anna Fenninger in France's Meribel, the paper says in "This is Sport!".

Promoting sportsmanship, Primorske novice says that the calculations that the Planica winner Jurij TepeŇ° should have made a shorter jump to allow Prevc to win the World Cup title have nothing to to with sport and make no sense.

Despite the bitter aftertaste, Maze and Prevc are the biggest winners - they are idols to numerous people in Slovenia, promoting the slogan "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind".

If their successes indeed increase the interest for sport among people, their effect will be greater than the World Cup crystal globe, concludes the commentary.


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