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Slovenian Christians Start Easter Celebrations


On Maundy Thursday, bishops and priests across the country will celebrate masses of the Chrism, where priests will renew their vows.

Although not a holiday, Friday is the apex of Lent and is dedicated to spiritual preparations, with Good Friday liturgical celebrations held around the country.

Good Friday is a particularly big holiday for the Evangelicals.

On Saturday, religious rituals start early in the morning with a blessing of fire and water with which believers bless their homes before preparing Easter dishes and going to the daily blessings to their local churches.

Easter dishes are traditionally taken to church in a basket. They include "pirhi", the elaborately decorated hard-boiled eggs, bread, ham, horseradish, the potica cake, and selected local specialities.

In the Evangelical church, an Easter fire is lit in the morning and Easter dishes are prepared but there are no blessings in churches.

On Sunday, religious and many non-religious families traditionally have an early big breakfast and prayer, followed by mass usually including a resurrection procession.

Masses will also be held on Monday, but Easter Monday is traditionally seen as a day to visit family and friends or go outdoors with family.

Slovenian bishops highlighted the importance of forgiving and courage in their Easter messages.

Ljubljana Archbishop Stanislav Zore also pointed to human limits, which are presented by death. But he said Easter was a holiday of hope and life, especially "for all those longing for truth, justice, freedom and dignity".

Geza Filo, the leader of the Slovenian Evangelical and Lutheran Church, meanwhile stressed the importance of courage for life and called on everyone to treat their loved ones well.


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