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Telemach Completes Tušmobil Acquisition


Telemach plans to spend dozens of million each year over five years for the rollout of 4th generation LTE services and construction of new base stations, Telemach director Marko Šter told the press on Thursday.

The combined firm expects a "fair distribution among mobile operators," which would mean the three biggest operators holding a third of the market each, according to Šter.

In the last quarter of 2014 Telemach and Tušmobil had about 13% of the mobile market combined to Telekom Slovenije's 48% and Simobil's 29%.

The combined company also accounted for 22% of IP telephony, a fifth of the fixed broadband market, and about 12% of mobile broadband, according to a report by the Agency for Communications Networks and Services.

The acquisition was seen as a key step in the consolidation of the telecoms market and gave Telemach, the dominant cable player, a foothold on the mobile market, where it operated as a virtual operator.

The consolidation is not over yet; claims to T-2, the dominant player in the FTTH (fibre optic) segment, are slated for sale by the Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC).

Šter confirmed Telemach was "looking at the claims." "The bad bank is selling claims. We will look into the case just as we are looking into anything concerning consolidation of the Slovenian market."

"We still want to consolidate the telecommunications market. We can be more efficient that way and offer better quality," Šter said.

The price Telemach paid for Tušmobil has not been disclosed but has been reported as being around EUR 150m.

Telemach posted revenue of EUR 85m for 2014, with profit before income tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) at EUR 42m.


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