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Govt to Debate National Reform Programme


The discussion on the country's fiscal policy and reform plans coincides with a controversy sparked by Defence Minister Janko Veber's ordering an intelligence report into the pending sale of Telekom Slovenije.

The controversy, which is likely to end with Veber's dismissal in parliament on Thursday, is associated with improvement in the management of state assets and privatisation, which is seen as a key field of action this year and the next.

The document discussed today will like in the past years also include measures such as continued fiscal consolidation, corporate restructuring, tax reform and reducing the tax wedge on labour.

The programme is also expected to list health reform, tentative further changes to the pensions system, measures to tackle red tape, stimulate entrepreneurship and exports and to optimise the public sector through an overhaul of pay policy.

The National Reform Programme, which is accompanied by an amended Stability Programme of fiscal measures, will broach a number of sensitive issues at a time of heated tensions.

As economic trends show more robust signs of recovery, expectations are being raised too.

The coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) expects a rise in pensions as of next year and the fellow coalition SocDems (SD) an increase in social transfers with public sector unions calling for higher pay.

On the other hand, employer organisations have been insisting that the government should disburden the economy and take reforms, while private sector trade unions want improvements for workers.


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