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Marketing is not divination. It is art in numbers.


Efficient marketing is successful cooperation/crossing of two sides, that seem incompatible at first sight - analytical and creative. Marketing consists of creative work and its efficiency can be proved in numbers. Numbers are the ones who show the real effect of marketing and is kind of an art to use them wisely.

If you hold the belief that marketing is nothing but a meaningless tool that creates only costs and which efficiency cannot be measured, Fanfara will prove you the contrary. "Times when we thought marketing equals divination ... pardon, advertising, are over. Nowadays every investment into marketing starts and ends with data and projections," says Fedja Hvastija, Chief Strategist at FrodX and one of Fanfara's lecturers.

Marketing is actually science which can be measured and it can prove its efficiency. In marketing there are no guesses, because nowadays marketers need to measure everything and demonstrate the impact marketing has on sales leads and revenue. For example, through marketing research and objective measurement tools we are able to track the results of marketing efforts which helps business identify its best sales opportunities. So from that point of view marketing is an investment that doesn't guess, it can be well planned and measured. When done in a right and most efficient way possible it should always be perceived as an investment, not as unnecessary cost.

The same message will be delivered at Fanfara by Slovene and foreign marketing specialists through lectures and two practical workshops. With a help of case studies and their own experience they will talk about different ways how to make marketing activities more efficient - as said before, by merging two sides that seem incompatible at first sight, analytical and creative. Marketing is after all a creative process which efficiency can be proved in numbers.

It is art in numbers.

Event is organized for all the marketing enthusiasts, students and those, who meet marketing in their everyday business life. You can book your seat at the biggest student marketing conference in Slovenia here:


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