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SMEs to Get Better Access to Financing


The government approved the extension of two SID credit lines, for SMEs and for technological development, until 31 December 2017.

At the same time, it relaxed the eligibility conditions for the two facilities, Economy Ministry State Secretary AleŇ° Cantarutti said.

The minimum company size was reduced to two from three employees, the maximum permitted ratio between net financial debt and cash flow (EBITDA) was raised to six from five, and the minimum loan for SMEs reduced by two-thirds to EUR 30,000.

"We are helping a segment of the economy that badly needs access to financing," Cantarutti said.

According to him, an additional 2,500 firms will thus become eligible for financing.

A total of EUR 650m in public and SID funding is available for both measures, of which nearly EUR 200m has already been drawn, according to the Government Communications Office.


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