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Slovenian Peasant Revolt of 1515 Re-enacted


Around 400 volunteers clad in 16th-century attire will re-enact in the afternoon scenes that were part of a four-month revolt that spread to most of what is now Slovenia and included around 80,000 rebels at its peak.

The spreading of the uprising from the central regions to the north-eastern Štajersko is believed to have started in Slovenske Konjice, which has prompted the idea to mark the 500th anniversary in a special way there.

Already in the morning, the town centre will turn into an authentic mediaeval market and at noon a blessing of horses will take place in front of the local church.

Tjaša Kangler of the Konjice tourist office has explained that while the 1515 events did not bring any direct improvement in the lives of peasants, they meant resistance towards the masters, which the following centuries turned into tangible achievements that we are still enjoying today.


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