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Slovenian Businessmen Seeking New Deals in Poland


The GZS sees great opportunities in further cooperation with Polish companies. The country is currently going through a massive economy restructuring scheme, offering national aids and EU funds which can also be drawn by foreign companies.

At the same time, Poland's infrastructure is currently getting modernised, which includes rebuilding highways, rail roads, setting up logistics and power infrastructure.

Companies can apply for a large part of these deals through public tenders, which will also be published in the Official Journal of the EU.

"Poland can also present a great starting point and a partner to get involved in third markets, especially in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia," the GZS said in a press release before the visit.

The GZS also pointed out that many Polish companies have not been privatised yet, making it a great opportunity for Slovenian companies to enter the market.

Poland is one of Slovenia's main trade partners with merchandise trade amounting to almost EUR 1.3bn last year, of which more than EUR 740m was Slovenia's exports. Almost 14% of all Slovenia's export goes to Poland, the GZS also said.


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