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Slavoj Žižek to Deliver Sigmund Freud Lecture


Two weeks before the event, the lecture entitled "Theology, Negativity, and the Death-Drive" which will be delivered at the Burgtheater theatre, has already been sold out, according to the organisers.

Žižek will discuss the aspects of human self-sabotage that are recognized as sacrifice and self-destruction, both presenting grounds for religious experience. In addition, he will compare Shakespeare's Hamlet to Freud's suppositions on self-destruction tendencies.

The sold-out lecture, which will be given in English, will be organised by the The Sigmund Freud Foundation at the Burgtheater on 6 May, Freud's birthday.

The foundation regularly holds lectures in psychoanalysis and other fields, runs the Vienna Sigmund Freud Museum and takes pride in holding a library including the biggest collection of publications and archive documents on the theory and history of European psychoanalysis.

In his works, Žižek discusses a diverse range of topics, including political theory, film theory, cultural studies, theology, and psychoanalysis.

His unorthodox style, frequent newspaper op-eds and popular academic books have gained him a wide following and international influence. He achieved international recognition as a social theorist in the early 1990s after his first book was published in English.


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