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Samo Fakin Unlikely to Get 3rd Term as Health Purse Boss


But a nay seems almost certain given the sentiment of most parties, which were already reflected in a 1:15 vote at the parliamentary Privileges and Credentials Commission.

Signals that Fakin would have to go came already at the beginning of the term of the new government, as the ruling Modern Centre Party (SMC) indicated it wanted another partner at the public health insurer to implement its health reform plans.

SMC deputy Janja Sluga said at last week's session of the Privileges and Credentials Commission that Fakin had failed to implement even basic decisions of the government, including to prepare criteria and standards for healthcare services and carry out a restructuring at the institute.

Only the coalition SocDems have been expressing direct support. The coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) party is divided, the opposition United Left (ZL) argued he was the least bad candidate, while the remaining parties are against.

If Fakin is rejected, the ZZZS will have to repeat the appointment procedure. This would be the third time a candidate for the ZZZS general manager is rejected in parliament. Franc KoŇ°ir was voted down twice, in 1993 and in 2002.

The candidates for the post are initially chosen by the ZZZS management board, which presents its proposal to the ZZZS assembly.

After the assembly backs the candidate, the nomination is sent to the National Assembly, which votes on the appointment.

The post of ZZZS general manager is one of the most powerful in the health system. It controls the mandatory health insurance purse strings and disburses about EUR 2.4bn to healthcare providers every year.


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