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More than 2,500 Motorcyclists Gather for Blessing


According to the organisers, the participants also raised around EUR 2,500 for a fund for biker victims of traffic accidents and their families.

A total of EUR 50,000 has been raised and distributed in the ten years of the existence of the fund, according to Pavel Hočevar of the "Bikers for Bikers" association.

Hočevar said that the motto of this year's gathering was "A Responsible Biker", focusing on the promotion of safe and moderate driving.

The association is cooperating with the police and the AMZS automotive club, with which it organised this year a campaign that looks to warn car drivers not to overlook bikers and cyclists on the road.

According to Hočevar, 30% of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists happen because car drivers overlook them. Speeding however remains the most frequent reason, he added.

He believes that the campaigns carried out by biker clubs are successful as the number of accidents is dropping while the number of drivers is on a rise.


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