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Public Administration Strategy for 2015-2020 Adopted


It envisages merging of certain services and offices, a one-stop shop for users, centralisation of management and more transparent implementation of public procurement.

The strategy, drafted by the Public Administration Ministry, is a response to Slovenia scoring worse every year on various annual international competitiveness rankings, according to the government.

The document seeks to create a better environment for citizens and companies and increase well-being and competitiveness of the country as a whole. The strategy is also one of the conditions for successful access to EU structural funds.

In order to integrate strategic plans and priorities, the government plans to introduce programme budgeting for all budget users as well as for the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute and the Health Insurance Institute.

A reform of the public procurement system has also been announced. Public procurement procedures need to be facilitated and simplified, including with a platform for electronic public procurement, according to the strategy.

The management of state-owned real estate is meanwhile planned to be centralised and a new registry of real estate owned and leased by the state is to be created. The latter will also serve as a basis for supervision of costs.

A renewed system of human resources management and rewarding is to be introduced at the level of the entire public sector. A systemic upgrade of the public sector wage system will be carried out and public servants will be incentivised to increase their performance.

One of the goals of the strategy is to improve the legislative framework by reducing the volume of regulations by 10% by 2020. Traceability and transparency of the legislative procedure will meanwhile be ensured through an e-regulations project.

To ensure transparency of operation of state bodies, the Supervizor on-line application that traces the flow of public funds will be upgraded by including data on e-invoices and the use of EU cohesion funds.

A one-stop shop for users of public administration services is planned to be established with the merging of state portals into one portal.


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