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Calls Against Journalist Prosecution Mark Press Freedom Day


The two Slovenian reporters' associations, the Journalists' Associations (DNS) and the Association of Journalists and Columnists (ZNP), spoke loudly against prosecution of journalists for divulging secret data that is in the interest of the public.

"There is ever less room for good journalism capable of revealing wrongdoings of officials in politics and business," the DNS said in a press release.

The association also expressed fear that the majority of Slovenian media would get new owners who would not develop and invest in the outlets.

The DNS has been critical of the Ljubljana prosecution for going after Delo reporter Anuška Delić for allegedly revealing secret data in her articles on links between a radical-right group and the Democratic party (SDS).

The charges were dropped about a fortnight ago for lack of evidence, with the DNS calling on the prosecution to drop similar charges against some other reporters.

A similar position has been expressed by the ZNP, which has expressed protest against an investigation of journalist and editor Bojan Požar of the on-line news portal.

Požar is being investigated after writing that the SOVA intelligence agency wire tapped some politicians and famous people ahead of 2011 parliamentary election.

The ZNP has moreover underlined in a statement that officials and state bodies were the ones tasked with keeping confidential data a secret and not journalists.

This year, the World Press Freedom Day will take place under the motto: "Let Journalism Thrive! Towards better reporting, gender equality and media safety in the digital age".


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