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Unicredit Projects 2.1% Growth for Slovenia


Exports from the region stand to benefit from the economic recovery in the eurozone, while the European Central Bank's quantitative easing should stimulate capital flows and keep financing costs low, Unicredit analysts find in the latest CEE Quarterly report, with an additional boost expected from low oil prices.

But the analysts also say that not all the countries will be able to benefit from the favourable conditions to the same extent with Lubomir Mitov, CEE chief economist at UniCredit, cited as saying that "countries with solid fundamentals and advanced reforms will draw the lion's share of the benefits".

Aside from Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, the report also lists Slovenia among the countries standing to benefit the most. "These export-focused countries should be able to utilise their competitive advantages and close economic ties with Germany to the fullest extent."

The report forecasts 2.5% growth for Slovenia in 2016. The highest growth next year is again projected for Poland (3.5%), while Croatia is expected to return to growth at 0.8% following the 0.2% contraction forecast for 2015.


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