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Laibach Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for N American Tour


Entitled "Let's bring Laibach back to America!", the campaign has so far raised US$5,575 from 92 people in six days.

"The tour is expected to result in a loss of US$60,000. So why in the world would we undertake such an effort? Because we care!", the band said on Indiegogo.

Laibach said it cared what was going on with their audience and with the American people and "we don't want to isolate America as if it were a third world country".

Under the slogan "A chicken in every pot and Laibach in every city!", the band is looking to visit as many cities as possible in North America to "bring the beat back and let freedom ring".

The tour is currently planned to begin on 11 May in Washington and end on 5 June in Atlanta. The 17 shows that have been scheduled so far include stops in several Canadian cities and in Ciudad de Mexico.


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