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Revoz Puts Out Last Second Generation Clio


The production of the second generation of one of the most popular Renault models was launched in Slovenia along with the production in Renault plants in Flins, France and Valladolid, Spain.

Before the launch of the second generation Clio, which brought modernisation and robotisation of the plant, Revoz produced the first generation of the supermini.

After the production of Clio II was introduced in 1998, the growing demand for the popular car made the plant introduce the night shift and break the record of 100,000 cars produced in a year for the first time.

Production was continued after the third generation Clio was launched in other Renault plants in 2005 and even after the latest generation was introduced in 2012. The counter stopped at 1,490,607 Clios II.

Due to strict EU standards, the model stopped selling in Europe in 2013, but the demand remained strong in North Africa, in particular Algeria, according to Revoz.

While Clio II, which by far exceeded its commercial plans, is bidding farewell to Revoz, its special version Clio Mio will be continued to produced in an Argentinian plant exclusively for the local market.

Revoz meanwhile continues to produce the third generation Twingo city car and the second generation Smart Forfour supermini for the German manufacturer Daimler AG. The two models share the same platform.


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