The Slovenia Times

Exports Rise 4.4% in Q1


Slovenia recorded a trade surplus of EUR 127m in January-March as the value of exports exceeded by 2.2% the value of imports.

The main export merchandise were products from the group of motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons.

Leading imports in the first quarter were petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals.

In March alone, Slovenia exported EUR 2.161bn worth of goods, a surge of 8.5% over the same month a year ago, while imports rose 7% to EUR 2.047bn with the surplus at EUR 114.6m (export/import ratio 105.6%).

Nearly four-fifths of merchandise trade was generated with EU member states; 77.4% of total exports and 81.3% of total imports.

Exports to EU markets were up 11% from March 2014 to EUR 1.673bn, while imports from there rose 7.9% to EUR 1.663bn.

The value of exports to EU non-member countries was up 0.7% and the value of imports from those markets rose 3.2%.


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