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Slovenia Promoting its Tourism on BBC World News


The campaign comprises three different 30-second advertising clips, all of which will be shown in prime-time slots in a total of 160 reruns, an average five times a day, according to a press release from Spirt.

BBC World News reaches more than 390 million households globally and more than 120 million in Europe, while the 24-hour news channel also has a major influence in social media.

BBC World News is the fact the most retweeted news source on Twitter with up to 5.4 million shares a month, the press release reads.

Spirit is launching a series of advertising campaign ahead of the top tourism season in key markets, including Germany, Austria and Italy.

Activities worth EUR 3.6m will be run with the funding of the European Regional Development Fund under the promotion slogan Slovenia. Green. Active. Healthy. and with the I feel Slovenia brand.

An ad campaign was launched at German ARD channel two weeks ago and another one on the Austrian public broadcaster ORF last week, as well as a campaign advertising Slovenia on trams, metros and billboards in north Italian cities.


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