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Caravan Maker Adria Mobil Celebrating 50 Years


CEO Sonja Gole said on Tuesday that the company aims at rising its share in the European market, which was 6.2% last year, and increase production by 5% this year.

The company also expects to raise sales revenue by 10%.

Gole said that the steady market, as well as increased production enabled them to provide 50 new jobs at the beginning of 2015.

Some more job opportunities might come up in the group if the market responds well to their new season line, Gole said.

At the end of last year, the Adria Mobil parent company employed 700 people, while the entire group employs over 1,200.

The company also intends to enter new markets globally, as it focuses on product development and the company's financial stability.

While providing an all-budget offer, Adria Mobil would like to become "the Toyota" of their industry, Gole said at a press conference in Novo mesto.

Over the past five decades, Adria Mobil has sold over half a million vacation caravans, more than 70,000 motorhomes and vans as well as almost 10,000 mobile homes.

Adria Mobil, one of the leading European manufacturers of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes, celebrated its big anniversary with over 350 of its dealers from across Europe.

The celebrations include the presentation of its history and the release of its newest 2016 production line, as well as the opening of a temporary open-air museum featuring Adria's products and an evening ceremony.


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